Writing stuff that is sensitive?

Funny thing for sure. But maybe I should start writing more and more.

Like things that actually matter.

Like that bleeding on the page shit.

Like that is personal?

I get why it is so personal. Like you don't want people to see it. It is embarassing? But why? Like seriously.

One thing that makes me think is that there are celebrities in other countries who I have no idea about.

Another thing is that I have friends that have youtube channels or otherwise and I have never come across their content.

Like how would I know? How would anyone know?

The main thing is that if I post it to my own socials?

At some point, maybe that matters, but the other thing is that, those are people that like you for liking you.

Because they know you in real life and for other reasons.

And not all your content has to be for all the people that you personally know.

If you actually think about it. If you want to make money online, if you want to find people online, if you want to connect online, then you have to learn the game online.

Like if you want to have people online learn or interact with you, then you might as well go with learning and interacting with people online.

Do you make content that you are super passionate about?

You could do one for them, one for you.

Help people.

Emotional content

There are random ways that people make money online. There are modes that make sense.

For example, the battle royal format is a great idea. The first game that used that format? Who knows? Who cares? It is PUBG? Maybe not even. But like Fortnite and COD use it and people like it.

Do the format yourself

So there is like, well basically, there is the idea of using a format. Do it your own way. Put your own creativity on it.

There are a series of videos online where it is basically a dating show or something and you cannot see the people. I noticed there was a certain format and color way and people use a white sheet as a background.

But like, I thought I was watching it all on the same channel. No, it is different channels. I don't think I'm making my point clearly. Stephen King did not invent the horror novel. Additionally, you could describe his kinds of novels and stories. That's what I mean.

I know someone who does beautiful paintings. She did not invent paintings or even the first person to paint what she paints. But she does very personal and unique and good paintings. And she has a story behind her too. What I mean is you do not have to invent a new thing, you can do things that people already do, but do it personally.

Like how many game shows are there? How many board games are there? There is a type of game. I guess there are not a lot of people making money by creating new card games with a normal deck. But there must be people making money playing those games, teaching people to play those games, putting together people playing those games. Or making new kinds of decks.

I am going on and on about this, but there really is an idea that you have to do something special. And maybe that is the perfectionism coming through again. Or like the thing Stephen Pressfield talks about in the book the War of Art.


You can also keep things private. You can make a whole bunch of content and keep your love life private. Your personal life private.


In the end, realize that it is possible. You can do it. You have everything that you need to make it happen. And getting something will not make you happy. You can be happy now. In this moment. Doing the thing you are doing. You are alive.