solo eating

These are some good writings by a food blogger. I like tips about improving your travel.

The quote below highlights one: if you can find it, locals can have valuable advice.

I asked him where I could get an amaro in Crema. “There are four cafés in front of the duomo,” he told me. “The locals go to the one on the right; the gelateria next to it is okay, too. Whatever you do, don’t go to the one on the far left.”

Another tip: try local specialties. He talks here about a unique pasta dish.

These cookie-filled tortelli tasted like dessert, yet they were showered with hard cheese and drizzled with olive oil. I was so confused. After the first few bites, and between sips of the red wine, my brain started to settle and got used to the disjuncture.


The interesting take on his column is that he eats alone aka 'solo'. Here is another article: