Q4/Q1 Recession

seems like that will happen Q4 2023 / Q1 2024. big drawdowns. auto industry loans are going to implode. all the 2-3% loans that banks issued are worthless now that treasuries are at 5%. stack money, put it into inflationary and deflationary. skip the middle.

Happiness Quotes

If you can, as much as possible, cultivate that quality of human warmth, wanting genuinely for other people to be happy; that’s the best way to fulfill your own happiness.

Some people search for happines, some people create it

Good life quotes

Read Gordon Neufeld - Hold on to your Kids. Barbara Coloroso has some good stuff in this vein as well.

Listen to your kids.

Be reasonable.

Once you've done those things, your decision is final.

Not much different from management of high performance teams in a lot of ways.

Also, if you view parenting as “how can I control this person so they do what I want them to do” you’re going to have a bad time and not end up with the relationship OC had with their teenagers. There’s a huge difference in raising kids with no rules and raising kids with no boundaries.



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I always say this

Wealth is not "being able to do what you want to do"

Wealth is being able to not have to do what you don't want to do.

e.g. not having to work a shitty job you hate, just so you can go on a trip.


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I wish I knew who it was, but someone said it here on a previous thread within the last year or two, and it was an epiphany for me. Something along the lines of receiving the most benefit from things that remove discomfort instead of from things that “enhance” everyday life. I have found this to be so true and think of it often. If there are any pain points or any everyday things that are a thorn in your side, address those.


financial issues for americans

there are a lot of people with credit card debt.

stuff will get too high.

then crash and prices come down.

save, save, save your money until then.

then buy.

right now it is anxiety and boredom for financial markets. money was high, now lower, nothing to do, but wait. if you're liability heavy (like unpaid houses, then worried)

Writing stuff that is sensitive?

Funny thing for sure. But maybe I should start writing more and more.

Like things that actually matter.

Like that bleeding on the page shit.

Like that is personal?

I get why it is so personal. Like you don't want people to see it. It is embarassing? But why? Like seriously.

One thing that makes me think is that there are celebrities in other countries who I have no idea about.

Another thing is that I have friends that have youtube channels or otherwise and I have never come across their content.

Like how would I know? How would anyone know?

The main thing is that if I post it to my own socials?

At some point, maybe that matters, but the other thing is that, those are people that like you for liking you.

Because they know you in real life and for other reasons.

And not all your content has to be for all the people that you personally know.

If you actually think about it. If you want to make money online, if you want to find people online, if you want to connect online, then you have to learn the game online.

Like if you want to have people online learn or interact with you, then you might as well go with learning and interacting with people online.

Do you make content that you are super passionate about?

You could do one for them, one for you.

Help people.

Emotional content

There are random ways that people make money online. There are modes that make sense.

For example, the battle royal format is a great idea. The first game that used that format? Who knows? Who cares? It is PUBG? Maybe not even. But like Fortnite and COD use it and people like it.

Do the format yourself

So there is like, well basically, there is the idea of using a format. Do it your own way. Put your own creativity on it.

There are a series of videos online where it is basically a dating show or something and you cannot see the people. I noticed there was a certain format and color way and people use a white sheet as a background.

But like, I thought I was watching it all on the same channel. No, it is different channels. I don't think I'm making my point clearly. Stephen King did not invent the horror novel. Additionally, you could describe his kinds of novels and stories. That's what I mean.

I know someone who does beautiful paintings. She did not invent paintings or even the first person to paint what she paints. But she does very personal and unique and good paintings. And she has a story behind her too. What I mean is you do not have to invent a new thing, you can do things that people already do, but do it personally.

Like how many game shows are there? How many board games are there? There is a type of game. I guess there are not a lot of people making money by creating new card games with a normal deck. But there must be people making money playing those games, teaching people to play those games, putting together people playing those games. Or making new kinds of decks.

I am going on and on about this, but there really is an idea that you have to do something special. And maybe that is the perfectionism coming through again. Or like the thing Stephen Pressfield talks about in the book the War of Art.


You can also keep things private. You can make a whole bunch of content and keep your love life private. Your personal life private.


In the end, realize that it is possible. You can do it. You have everything that you need to make it happen. And getting something will not make you happy. You can be happy now. In this moment. Doing the thing you are doing. You are alive.

spend money on: laptop

you use your laptop for mainly productivity things

spend money on it and keeping it fast. actually, rephrase that, it should be up to date and fast.

avoid making due when it comes to speed and reliability of laptop. that said, you can get a top tier business machine that is a few years old for a fraction of the price of a current flagship.

there are still efficiencies to get. last years model instead of this years because the speed does not change much relative to the demands of software and online.

similarly, spend mid tier on your phone. get a great mid tier phone because they are plenty fast for basic needs and have longer term software update cycles.

spend on tools and things that help you process wood and build things. for example, you wasted $50 worth of wood and it could have been helpful to have a $20 4ft level. then again you could have also used a very long straightedge that we have.

there are still efficiencies.

origins of motivation

where does energy come from? where do you get it? and if you want to get it from a different place, if you want to use a different kind of motivation, well how do you do that?

do you keep doing what you are doing and change little by litte?
do you change all at once? if yes, then does your life fall apart? can you do it fast enough?

i used to run on various motivations, outlined below. most recently, anger was the only thing that got me going really.

i realized that was not the long term way i wanted to live my life. raging out at myself because i had not finished a project, until the frustration, impeding doom of deadlines missed, and make or break pressure finally got me to overcome the hump. get over the activation energy and get the task started.

i wanted to wake up and be motivated to work. do it happily, somewhat. not like an idiot who does not know better, but more like someone where you can see the spirit flowing through them. the energy of life. like i do not know what it feels like to be a plant, but you would imagine that a daisy grows joyously. not begrudgingly.

at the same time, the question really is can i? well, no. how. is th real question. once you decide and realize something like that it is almost inevitable. the question is i have come to rely on that, despite my best desires. so if my engine is running on self-contempt, worry, and fury, do you stop? it feels like changing from an old gas engine car to a fuel efficient hybrid to an all electric car while also driving the car on the highway going 75 mph.

1. You gotta slow down.

hard to drop the engine or change the parts while everything is moving. besides you are going to be operating on the engine...so you cannot be navigating and steerign at the same time as well. just drop the speed.

2. Do you even know where you are going?

Talk about distracted driving. If you do not even know where you are going, then like, slow down. seriously. it is that important that i said it twice. besides, if you get off course, it is better that you go in the wrong direction slower. easier to course correct. you would rather be 2 miles off the road than 200, right?

3. Forget deadlines, this goal is your new goal.

Semi truck and you have a delivery to make. Well, you may or may not be late. You have to accept it. If you think you can overhaul the engine, navigate, and maintain speed, then you have made it way more difficult. You can have one priority. This priority is your new priority. THink of it this way: you prioritized all those other things to the detriment of this priority, that is what got you here int he first place. So you need to put time on this step in order to get to the next place. Put another way, you should stop and change a flat tire, instead of just adding more gas. You'll make it, but it will ultimately be slower and by changing the tire, you keep more of the whole situation together.

at first motivated by, well who knows? wanting peace. sucumbing to pressure. the desire to be loved by your parents.
then anger. desire. the desire not to feel lost. the desire to belong.
then peace. wanting peace. quiet. joy from a good place. happiness. the desire to be happy. satisfied.
now something else? desire again. contribution. contrition? it is contribution. impact. the desire to matter? the desire to be desired? the desire to be valued? the desire to know that somewhere along the way you learned something. that you have gained someting. and you can see that because you can help someone. if you did not have anything, then you could not give anything. abundance. the desire to be abundant.


improve the world around you, it feels great

clean the room
get rid of stuff and organize the closet
throw away papers
put up shelves
make a phone holder
hang mirrors, TV screens

improve your surroundings and surroundings for people around you

Best stuff to do in life


mountain biking
road riding

go get something to eat or drink
work on something like a video game

hang out with people

best schedule
get up go outside and do something during the morning. exercise outside. move.
get something to eat
hang out at the beach or nap
meet up with friends in the evening.

Weird thinking about relationships

Weird looking at what people are obsessed about and trying to figure out.

Once you already have an answer that seems to work.

That is, like someone fresh out of college, trying to figure out what to do with their life. When that has been a question you have been wondering. And have actively been pursuing.

Not just sitting in a job, but actively figuring out what it means to live a good life.

Or like when people ask about what to do for marriage. There are so many girls out there. You need to find just one. You need just one. Find a good one, someone that is a good person and that you get along with. Looks are helpful, activities are helpful, but honestly, that kind of stuff fades too. Character is important.

That does not really solve everything. You have to be a good person too and do what you need to do.


If you do comfort with no effort, you end up being bored. Low energy.

If you just wanted fish, you would go to the store. However, fishing is fun by itself.

If you wanted to get somewhere you could drive. Or be driven. However, walking, biking, or running there is more memorable. Sailing even.

That becomes where the journey is the reward.

The human body has a lot of compromises made to it in order to be able to walk long distances with ease.

Consider travel and locomotion.

Bluetooth earbuds are OP for walking

They're the best thing for walking.

Put one in. Put a bunch of youtube videos, audio books, podcasts, interviews on and just go out and walk.

Amazing way to go.

Alternatively? Call someone and talk.

Huge improvement and makes it easier for ADHD or other to walk. Way easier.

Plus, you would be watching or listening to those videos anyway.


inherently we do make priorities

and you can see what they are based on our actions

sometimes we say we do not want to do something, but then we do it

still the priority. maybe something got in the way, maybe you did not have the resources, and you can refine it, but it was still the priority.

if you want to be successful, what does that mean?

you can change priorities because i got it wrong when i was younger. sometimes i was right too. success means a lot of things. financially is the most obvious, but then there is all the other stuff. does social count? how much money? and to what end?

later on, does your health matter?
does your internal ethics matter?
does your spirit matter?

and to what end?

for a while, i thought i would have two things. why choose between a false choice? have both.

later you realize it is a third option, a refinement, something you are missing.

for example:
false choice - a job that is fulfilling, but leaves you poo, and a job that earns a lot, but is soulless and ungratifying.

choose neither. at some point, i said i want a job that is both. earns a lot and makes me happy.

well there is a refinement.

job does not have that function. or have to have that function. and you have to work at it.

jobs do not have to be your source of happiness, friendship, the source of your self-worth or fulfillment. they are usually a source of money. then again, once you have the money question figured out, then it again becomes a source of fulfillment. working on things you enjoy. and that are good.

there are questions of skills as well. temperments. abilities.

another is writing. helpful for you. helpful for others. make money? what is the goal.

great morning

get up and go to the gym
read while on the treadmill
whatever you want to read. or watch whatever you want to watch.
you can read a book that you're interested in
something to help you solve a problem

then you have weight lifting
and chores - dishes, laundry
and jogging outside

jog, don't run.
listen to music on earbuds. listen to a talk. stream youtube basically.

eat a healthy meal. not bread and stuff. leftover meals. if anything i have been doing oatmeal. but maybe chopped fruit, eggs, toast and peanut butter and a vitamin are good. haven't quite figured out the diet thing.

then again. when i was biking everywhere and also walking to and from class and to and from work. and then the gym twice a week. i was in good shape.

when i added intense 1 hour or 1.5 hour workouts twice a week, that really took things to a higher level.

consider intensity when you are intense, and then moderate to low walking, jogging, and biking the rest of the time.

but have it be a lot of the time.

make life less boring. why life is boring in america

there isn't a good way to say this
but life is too boring

solving problems like sweeping
now you don't even have to sweep

that is part of why traveling is so engaging
you can't even get anywhere without

in the philippines, just getting somewhere is involved. you go out, you find someone to take you, you get someone to take you closer, and then you walk, and then you ask around, and then you finally get there and find out that the place is closed or has moved or is open, but the person you are looking for is gone for the day or in another part of town on tuesdays, and then you ask around and someone knows someone who can still get the thing done for you today.

and here?

you click on uber and have your groceries delivered. wtf are you supposed to do with your time?

that is the real question of people. and without any teaching, i mean essentially, you can see it.

you know how like all those celebrities go crazy? i mean that is essentially what you are doing. but they have unlimited, time, money, access, and freedom. and you have a smaller amount and you still go crazy.

and if you do not believe it, then you have not really experienced that kind of freedom.

most guys go home and jack off. you think that same person, if they were super attractive, had people throwing themselves at them, and access to hot clubs, and money wouldn't go crazy?


women, i do not know. and obviously there are people out there doing their own thing, but this isn't a sex or gender or nmby thing.

this is more about the ease of stuff thing.

you ever heard the saying, you don't know a person, until you have had to share an inheritance with them?

people go nuts over that. over what? fucking a special pot that their mom used to use? or a piece of crappy jewelry?

so what's the answer?

bro, seriously, go out and touch grass.

that is actually the closest i have seen. there is immersing yourself in nature.

the other part is immersing yourself in community.

and the other part is kind of immersing yourself in yourself. like, learning how to happy and be alone.

probably that last one is the hardest for people.

and once you do that, learn how to be on fire alone. not just happy, but working on someting.

another way to break it down is mind, body, and spirit. you need things for a good mind. learning things, there are mental maps, and there are mental things. good body, sunlight, sleep, walking is GOAT, and also weight lifting. those are probably the easiest ones to go after. and then spirit. self-expression. freedom. some sort of art. listen to music, cinema, all the careers that 'won't make it'. that kind of thing. and community. need community. even preppers realize they need community.

if there is one thing i can give you, wake up and go to the gym.
if there is a second thing, bike most places.
if there is a third thing, journaling, but also taoism, buddhism, christianity, and meeting people in real life.

buying things can make work easier

and give you more headspace
to do work
and accomplish things you want to accomplish

and maybe that could lead to happiness

but it is really part of a path