Living Rich and Living Poor

I think everyone should live where they have everything they need. Where they are considered rich. And where they have a minimal amount of things. Like sharing one bedroom with another person. People do camping for months minimal, but at some point, you know it is going to end. I mean minimal like this is your life minimal.

To learn the lessons there are from both.

It is nice being rich. It is nice being popular.

But really what you want is to be wealthy and to be loved.

It is hard being poor, but it is nice being minimal.

Given that you have the right things.

For me, those things are adventure, love, and reflection.

Adventure, spending time with friends and people who love you, and reading and writing.

Cheese is good too, I love having some good cheese and food.
There are artistic pleasures as well.

Here is a fantastically put together video about freedom and putting together a bike.

workout: 4×6 full body three compound movements

3 exercises x 6 reps x 4 sets

25 minutes on the exercise bike or cardio.

One set:
1 push exercise: do it 6 times
1 pull exercise: do it 6 times
1 leg exercise: do it 6 times
That is one set

No timer, but keep up the pace.

Do 4 sets total.

You can also use counter rotation

workout: 30 minute kettlebell

1 min x 8 sets: 8 L/R snatches

1 min x 10 sets: 5 clean and push press

1 min x 10 sets: 1 burpees

For each set, do the designated exercises for one minute. You get the remainder of the minute as rest.

What makes you happy?

This post is part of an on-going series and exploration into what makes you happy. What do you want to do with your life? Growing up, I never had the chance to really consider what I enjoyed, I mainly did what was necessary, urgent, or most competitive. I had moments of fun for sure, but nothing was decided by me. It was what was most competitive and I took all comers. It worked. I succeeded in that, but I found it empty 'at the top.' Now I am figuring out what it is that encapsulates happiness. It is another skill set and one I hope you gain as well!

You might get to the 'top' of whatever accomplishment you want and realize that there really isn't anything there.

There are a few things that 'matter' in life when it comes to happiness:

  • friends
  • freedom of time / action - aka freedom from money worries
  • health

That is basically it.

You can also work on 'legacy' as a bonus project.

Something that is your 'life's work.'

I think most people actually like working, actually want to work, but they want to work on something they enjoy doing, with people that are good at it, on a mission that they agree with.

Building all of that, well, that could take decades. Or it could take little time and you actually have all the building blocks already.

Decide on what you want to do. You could start by saying, what do you want people to say or know about you?

Super smart
Traveled the world
Well-regarded professionally
Cool hobbies
Nice, good, generous, reliable person

Basically the idea of accomplishing something.

Stuff I Want: Winter Walking Edition

I have this idea to walk to the train station in the morning. That would be a 2.5 mile walk each way. That is the distance it would be nice to bike. 2 miles is about the maximum I want to walk given the time commitment too.


You need a parka. Two condition:
1) You live somewhere actually cold (days where the high is below 0F)
2) You actually spend time outdoors (walking from your heated house to your heated car does not count; waiting for the bus 30 minutes to an hour at a time does count).
A big, heavy, fuck-you cold kind of jacket.

Alternatively, you do not need one, but you wear a couple of sweatshirts. This approach, actually, does work, given that you layer appropriately.

But this post is gear I want, not gear that works. And I want a parka. -> I have one.

Winter bibs.

Overalls. I have some from my skiing days and I could never understand why people did not opt for those instead of pants. Bibs stayed up always, had range of motion, and snow never got under your jacket and into your back and butt; pants always did the opposite. Pants were falling down and leaving people cold. I guess bibs did not look as cool, and came in every color as long as it was black. Bibs would finally let me have something warm to wear in the winter on my legs. Additionally the pair I want have a work-wear cool vibe which would allow me to wear them in casual, outdoor activites...-> I want a pair of Patagonia Iron Hemp Overalls. Probably in my size. Probably sized up one belt size.


A pair of boots is good for daily walking around, above ankle height should do it. A pair of high boots is gooder for shoveling snow, walking out to the barbage, etc.

Basically, what I am learning is that there are fashionable warm clothes. It is really nice to be able to slip something on quickly and go outside.

A bunch of sweatshirts is good, but you can easily put on or take-off a parka and now, well, it is like super warm.

Same with bibs, easy to take on and off.

The use cases are waiting for the bus (cold below 10F, or colder below 0F), mild 20-34F, or quick trips outside < 15 minutes.

The image I have in my mind is walking around a frozen lake at night. I want to be warm standing around there. But how often do you actually do that?
You could wear a gorilla suit.

What about going to a brewery and walking around? Wearing the bibs is nice because, you can be warm, and it is just work wear.

What about going somewhere nice for dinner?
You are going to be dressing more chic for sure. And probably traveling in a car or lyft.

Rules 1-4 for your 30s.

Rules are sometimes rules. Often they are guidelines.

One rule is avoid saying always or never.

Rule No. 1 - Focus on Your Own Grind

Care about other people.
That does not mean do not care about other people.

What it means is that when someone is being a hater, when someone is putting out negative towards you,

You are both in charge of yourself, as a resouce, and required to give of yourself.

If you run your resource out, you have nothing to give. That is bad management. If you do not give of your resource, then you just grew will not be happy, you will not be as rich, you will not be as will have hidden your resource and hoarded it. That is also bad management.

Be a good manager.

Rule No. 2 - Help people.

Rule No. 3 - Give freely, without expectation.

This includes charity.

More importantly, it also includes emotional charity towards others.

Be helpful. Ask what you can do to help. Once you ask over and over, people may take advantage of you, but you will have the reputation of being a helpful person. Good people will recogize that and not want to burn you out. Good people are hard to find. Bad managers will burn you out. Your job is to put yourself around good people. Or at least better and better people. Be a good manager.

In personal relationships, lose the fight. Do not create a situation where a person has to feel shitty that you helped them with all the work. Create a situation where they can feel grateful and thank you.

If you invest 'extra' work (emotional, physical, time, etc.) and you 'demand' a return immediately, you will probably be asking for a small thank you, but more likely, guilt tripping someone and making them feel bad. If you put in like 10 times more work than you think is appropriate, well, then you can actually say something. A good person will have thanked you before then. Everyone is subconsciously keeping score. A bad manager will not care. You could call that a mental condition. Your job is to put yourself around good people. Or at least better and better people.

Rule No. 4 - Do the right thing at the right time.

The right thing, well, you will learn what that is, but mostly it is about following the way, the middle way.

The right time, is often when you are not emotional. Or when you are emotional, but you can center yourself. You can center yourself quickly, peak argument even, if you get lucky and practice and have some pre-recorded responses and thoughts 2 to fall back on. Sometimes though, you have to yell. Sometimes it is correct to yell angrily. Sometimes that is all that people need or want, but usually, that's after 10x or something. Again, middle way, is actually often the most direct way in between two extremes.

() What is at stake here? Nothing likely. Breathe.
2) Why would you say that? What are you feeling right now? Don't be a hater, be a lover. Don't be a kill joy, be a ... I don't know. Give me a minute to think, I pissed off and don't want to say anything I don't mean. Or simply... Wowwwwww.

Bonus Rule No. 4b - You are going to mess up. Figure it out.

Be more productive with music

The best music for working is hip hop.

Why? Because it has a beat. And it gets you in a groove.

Some people like metal. Some people like classical.

They are wrong.

Find good hip hop music. If the lyrics are too distracting, then search on youtube for an 'instrumental' version.

Some people use video game or movie music. Or soundscapes by someone like Brian Eno. They are too engrossing. They are too distracting.

Hip hop music, you can find distracting aka good make you feel something music, or you can find easy listening pop music.

The best music for working is pop music.

Get the instrumental version.

Sometimes the music is too slow. Music that could be good, but is too slow, puts you in the wrong frame of mind. Instead of searching around everywhere for music that is good and is the right speed, just make it the right speed.

Play it at 1.3 or 1.5 speed.

Make an entire album or thing on your music player of just this type of music.

When you work, just put it on random until you find something you like.

Sometimes I find DJ sets (DJ Jazzy Jeff has some new sets that are good for example) and that works too

When you find something you lie, you might just play it on repeat for hours.

Set a timer to go off every 25 minutes (Pomodoro technique) to remind you to take breaks.

Good Day Series: Another Good Day

Get up

Check your meetings - have an 815a meeting and get some work done

Do laundry
Exercise - even a little 4x6, 3 exercises
Do a small project - listened to creative life podcast while patching bike tire tubes
Do work - small
Play Fortnite 12-2
Eat lunch - bowl, squash, sardines, kim chi, rice
Write - poetry as you are relaxing
Sleep - 230-430

Hang the laundry
Do the dishes

Eat dinner - Ramen with wife
Sit on couch and read

Trainig with dog
Feed the dog
Play with the dog
Walk the dog

Small task and socialize - Call people to talk while Pack clothes for trip, no one picks up, listen to funny TV, talk
9p Write or business until 1030pm

Good Day Series: Elements of a Good Day

Good day

wake up safe

check on meetings
do your work

work out - some lifting, even small. 4x6. around 10am
eat - a bowl of food
nap - ideally 12-2p
jiu jitsu - watch it



walk the dog

socialize with cousins or friends - video calls work too

Positive Questions to Ask Yourself Buddhism

How can I help?
What is the kind thing to do in this circumstance?
How can I best express my appreciation and gratitude?

Turn mind toward compassion, acknowledge the pain, think what it must be like to be in that mind state.

Align core conscious motivations with nonharming.

These are also from a book.