Kuya Vic Subscriber Newsletter | 006 September 2, 2020

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https://www.ubs.com/global/en/wealth-management/chief-investment-office/market-insights/spotlight-corona-virus.html?campID=CAAS-ActivityStream - Coronavirus and worldwide investments

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https://blog.lostartpress.com/page/3/- a person that writes all about wordworking, and only woodworking, and teaches woodworking. I guess the idea is that, well, he can do woodworking many different ways in order to make money.

Basics of a Business: Transferable Roles

These are the basic roles in a business. Pick one of these if you want a business job.

  • Lawyer
  • Accountant
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • CEO or President
  • Management
  • IT

The roles in this category are transferable amongst various businesses.

Some roles are more for larger companies, but some roles can be found at even the smallest companies.

The smallest company might be an independent contractor. And even he or she needs to interact with a lawyer, accountant, sales, and IT or do it on their own.

Of these, it seems that law would be the most difficult to do on their own.

If you choose a role in one of these fields, then you can transfer between companies. You can offer skills you gained in one company to other companies. You can freelance and more easily state your value.

My role for my job is more specialized. Probably only a few companies would understand it, it is not standardized across companies, but it would be valuable to the ones that want it.

That is another route.

But it is not as transferrable.

Friendship and Community

there is an area of life called friendship and community
and you think it is something that you can buy
but it is something that you get from repeated small short interactions
maybe that is something that i enjoyed the most

Building Tiny Habits with BJ Fogg

Sometimes it is easier to work when your cup is full.

When you have done things that you enjoy.

Instead of grinding it out all the time.

BJ Fogg talks about habits. One thing he writes about is that instead of pushing yourself to finish the entire task. You limit yourself to only doing a portion of the task.

That way, you want to complete the task.

You keep limiting yourself, but you keep growing until you allow yourself to complete the task.

That way, you end up having the reinforcement of achievement and also doing something.

You get that little hit of dopamine when you accomplish what you set out to do.

That is what I have been doing with my one improvement a day method.

Everyday, I improve one thing about my environment. Even if it is a small thing, like throwing away one piece of trash. Or finding a space for one item to be organized. Or removing one item that is cluttering up one desk drawer.

Some people will look at that and see the difficulty of it. Some people will look at that and see the opportunity of it.

See the void, but also see the opportunity.

Empathy, Trauma, and When People are Okay with Assholes

you are empathetic and caring and also developed that because you need to be able to tell whether someone is having a changing mood from a small look

you want to take control of situations because you cannot trust people, they talk behind your back, they manipulate people

your brother in law is a gossip and it triggers your reminders of people trying to do things that do not trust

pretty much everything i am trying to do with the family is have things maybe not out in the open, but build open lines of trust

it is a challenge

some people do it by wanting to be the boss, wanting to be in control, wanting to be on top of politics, maybe if they are in charge, someone cannot hurt them

some people do it by learning to be a warrior, physically strong, mentally tough, maybe then if they are stronger someone cannot hurt them

some people do it by becoming trusting of authority, hoping that they can trade alliances for being spared or being rewarded

maybe they are in charge so they can control the environment, who gets hurt or not

people like people that are confident

that are sure of themselves

people are okay with people that are assholes, given that they are consistently assholes, and that sometimes they are nice, the 'heart of gold'

it is rewarding for people to see that

come on unfriendly

it is easier to deal with people like that

is is harder to deal with people who change their story, alliances, and other things regularly

so people like dealing more with people that are consistent and predictable more than are nice

well, given in certain situations

they have to want something from the person

otherwise, yeah, they would rather be around confident, happy, generous people

Survival in an economic downturn

I was talking to a friend last night about how she is just putting things into perspective at work. Is the situation in front of her more important than paying her mortgage? No? Go ahead and do what you need to do at work and do not worry about it that much.

As long as it is legal, moral, ethical, and you are doing something you like.

Right now is not the time to be making big moves in career anyway.

A financial storm is coming, --actually, it is here, but there is buttressing up and the fat middle class is not feeling it -- and you want stability there.

You want to survive.

It looks like we will be looking at 8-10 years of flat earnings, flat growth, a flat economy.

After a recession.

Although we have 'recovered' back to pre-COVID levels, those are just being held by low interest rates for business, the US government purchasing junk business bonds, and propping up the economy. Global recession is supposedly what could have happened instead.

The US has taken on massive debt

$2.4 trillion in just financial tools for coronavirus. The government was $25 trillion in debt prior to coronavirus and projected to spend $1.1 trillion more than it collected in taxes pre-coronavirus.


Investments and work

Not sure myself what to do here yet, but some various approaches people have taken:

  • investments
  • social circles
  • additional jobs
  • freelancing
  • decreasing spending
  • moving to other countries


You have a roof over your head, you have food, you and your loved ones are safe.

Those are the most basic, important things.

Above that, saving money, extravagences, those are nice too, but not necessary right now.


Despite the tightening economy, you can still be happy.