all the things

Understand what drives you. Develop skills to/that earn money. Use those drivers to select a good path. Remember the corny saying, "The path is the reward."
Develop financial skills to recognize quality assets and create asset situations, invest money.
Develop life skills to save money and have a full life outside of personal consumerism.
Invest time and energy into happiness.

At some point, it is helpful to have a mentor. Also teammates. Also friends. Also family. If nothing else, figure out how to maintain your health -> mental, physical, and spiritual. Figure out how to help people in high quality ways. Develop and deepen those skills. That should work too. Arrive at indpendence and wealth while being a good person.

What is a good person to me? Physically fit, not just that, fight fit for me personally I like the technique and I also find it engaging so that makes me want to train more it makes it addictive. Mental health that comes from enough time alone, aided by exercise and food, writing and reading. I enjoy, heavily, learning things, especially things that are useful. I also like teaching too.

Wealth. Comes from saving money which I am doing. Having fun without spending money which I am doing...I have fun through adventure backpacking and hanging out with people.