Control vs striking in MMA

I feel like fighting is an important aspect to life for me.

Being able to fight, is like physical freedom of expression.

I love watching UFC and boxing and striking strategy and tactics.

There is an idea I heard the other day talking about movement and terrain, small teams tactics. They want to make it so that the positioning is so strong. Avoid situations where it is solely reflexes and timing. But I enjoy those moments the most. The high stress, fast response stuff is where I tend to flow into. But, for example, in that one box battle, I lost, but I could have run away and re-up'd my health first. That is what I did and it was super effective one time, they eventually stopped chasing me, I was able to re-up my health totally, and then came back, eliminated everyone, got the reboot cards, and rebooted the group. People in Fortnite will use building and

The aspects of fighting I enjoy are the broader strategy, outwitting opponents, and I also enjoy fast, reflex and processing based fighting as well. It is enlivening.

Combat sports.
Even first person shooter video games all share these aspects.

What I am learning in life is that the on-the-ground, in-your-face fighting is my natural ability, being able to fight from a distance is valuable as well.

Because there are all three variables.

Now if you want to win, be able to bring the fight where you want it to be, on your terms, from a variety of sources. That is a new strategy.
My strategy has almost always been to react to people, to bait them, to force them to act, and attack.

Another strategy is to lead a person or force a person into a specific game or position that you can win, and then, from there, win.

Another summary is:
Whatever you throw at me, I can take it, and I can throw back better than you to win.
Whatever you do, we are going this way, and I win from there.

You really need both. Tactics (aka ability) and strategy (how to put those into a movement).

Maybe reaction is really part of something.

One thing slightly different is that you are problem solving. But in wrestling, you are problem solving this problem that is created and the other person is trying to solve it (and failing) at the same time.

In striking, it is mainly you against yourself, well, it is like the other person may have all these different things they do, but you have a general framework of how to defend and respond, and ways and strategies to injure them and put them down, based on what they are giving you.

Hmm, it seems then, that actually, these are the same. They are not just two sides of the same coin, they are the same side of the same coin, viewed in a different light and ngle of light.

What I am improving upon is my ability to throw a punch, then.

I can kick, I can punch, and I have been training those things (balance, timing, precision) in striking for a long time. I have a sense of them. I have instincts developed there. I have an understanding of the mechanics, what is good, and what is bad.

But with wrestling, I have less idea. In punching, I know a punch to the head is bad, but you learn a punch to the body can be bad as well, and a punch to the other part of the body, well that can be really bad.

In wrestling, it seems like being on the bottom is bad, but you have no idea whether a person's legs around you are bad or good, or that you give up side control.

There are similarities, but the doing of them, feels very different.

I suppose I am trying to figure out what that difference is.

Controlling a person's limbs is not something I am used to. I am used to evading hits, taking hits, trading hits, and delivering hits. Controlling a person is not something I am used to.

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