Epicurus Life Philosophy

A life examined
That is what he said you need.

I'm writing this post because it is the closest I have seen to the answers to what I have been looking for.

I wrote an article that van life is so appealing, but that is because it is freedom. That it is not needing to be beholden to someone for what you need.

It turns out that all 300 of his books are gone, and now we are left with fragments. Fortunately, the ideas were preserved in many other philosophers arguments, a wall, and in the practices of communes that exist today.

Supposedly, the Christian church took over and basically made some communes into monasteries.

I'll summarize as friends, freedom, and to give a fuck.

I think that when the Kennedy's or the Roosevelt's talked about 'work worth doing' they were talking about fulfilling the last bit. A life examined.

However, they, ostensibly, already had freedom and spent ample time with their friends.

This breakthrough formalizes thoughts I have not been able to form into a cohesive philosophy or approach to life.

Reading more of his work would be good, but I learned that there are actually fantastic resources out there already in the form of books and youtube lectures.

Those are very useful resources. I read the wikipedia page as well, but that did not have the level of detail I wanted. Or maybe it lacked the entertainment value.

There are some fantasti
Work worth doing, work that is small groups that contributes positvely to the world, that makes the world a better place.