HUGE Naval Ravikant Insight

Maybe one day I will write a post that summarizes why tihs sentiment is so important.
But I just had to share now.
Lest it get stuck in the morass.

"Looking outside yourself for anything is the fundamental delusion. Not to say you shouldnt do things on the outside. You absolutely should. You’re a living creature. There are things you do. You locally reverse entropy. That’s why you’re here.

You’re meant to do something. You’re not just meant to lie there in the sand and meditate all day long. You should self-actualize. You should do what you are meant to do.

The idea you’re going to change something in the outside world, and that is going to bring you the peace, everlasting joy, and happiness you deserve, is a fundamental delusion we all suffer from, including me. The mistake over and over and over is to say, “Oh, I’ll be happy when I get that thing,” whatever it is. That is the fundamental mistake we all make, 24/7, all day long."