Pursue money or not

Pursue money

Online e-commerce looks like a huge opportunity to make money.

To what end?

Is that something you want to do and be doing? Said another way, do you want to subject yourself to that?

Is it a reward on its own? Or are you doing it for money?

Do you already have a way to make money, with some security, and with the idea of a way out if necessary?

Is it a fun game to play?

Why? You need immeasurable energy to keep it going for 5 years. 10 years for something big to happen.

What are things money cannot buy?

True love
Meaningful work
Meaningful relationships

Having no money, though, is usually a problem.

Money is a tool.
It can be used as part of a solution to money problems if you know what you are doing.

Walk in the morning

Getting sun in your eyes, EARLY, is a big win

Walking is a big win

There's a reason that established cultures have walking

Being hurt and used by people you love early on is a blessing

Being hurt and used by people you love early on is a blessing

you get to see that people just want what is best for them
even when they want what is best for you

no one wants to kill themselves in order to let someone else live

and if they do, i mean, is that what you want?

would you rather have a father present and happy? or a father absent and rich?

what if the choice is between present and destitue and absent and getting by?

money is important. money affords opportunity, stability, and safety.

when is enough enough?

money to what end?

Is happiness more important that healthy, wealthy, and wise?

People always bring up that person Ben Franklin.

As if he had a great life.

His family life seems bad. His health seems bad.

But this phrasing makes sense.

Wise is a shortcut.

The states are peaceful joy and flow.

The wealth aids in comfort and sustainability.

The health is physical health in all aspects.

Wisdom would allow for better inner mental states and better ways of moving in the world.

Happiness is kind of the 'result', but maybe more the superstate that arises from having these things in life.

Kind of like when people want to be 'energetic.' They chase stimulants and if they are a little advanced do things like 'natural' stimulants like running and physical exercise.

When in reality what you might need is better rest.
What you might need is better internal state.
What you might need is something better to do.

Those are also sources of energy.

However, at the end of the day, that is at the end of the life, what matters is.

Radical simplicity, slavery, abundance

reading this book radical simplicity by jim merkel. he describes cultures in kerala and native cultures in india and how the interaction of monoculture agriculture and schools and private property are negatively changing life. he also describes how the quality of life seems very high for the people there now.

now, to get it out of the way, the depictions seem overly romantic. there is some boomer energy in there. some 'simpler, happier people' kind of language. he talks about well-behaved kids. but he goes so far as to say, they never fight and are pretty much never sad. i mean, people still have death and sadness and difficulty and struggles.

the overall message kind of holds true though. he is astounded, as was i, when looking at the culturally significant practices being demolished by schools. children basically forced into school, and gaining school knowledge and literacy. but then losing 'forest literacy.' i'll give him that. it makes a lot of sense. adults observing that kids in school all day do not want to listen to stories, and songs, and that those explain how to live.

the phrase it takes a village to raise a child makes sense to me now. people think it is about like, well, labor. having someone to watch and feed kids. that seems superficial, so some even go so far as to educate the kids, like live-in nannies and tutors. those things are still superficial. raising a child means like, giving them a somewhat comprehensive view of life and the skill required to live in a society. boarding school and finishing school are attempts at that, but they are not it. to raise a child, you need examples, you need kids to see how the world works, you need to have kids exposed messages from multiple sources. if a parent says going to school is important, that is one thing, but if it is repeated by other parents, and other kids, and the kid can see it. then it seems to be important.

what we have in american cities, for the most part, is like somewhat of a dictated culture that serves consumption. sure maybe you find the rare place that has a culture of its own. but like even in rural areas, that culture mainly centers around some hot button issues that politics says are nice. same as in the cities. in the cities, at least, you get exposed to a lot of choices and options. if you had a self-sufficient village, that would be one thing. but there are few of those.

the book talks about a native group that used to have ability to roam around the forest and collect food. and tend to the different plants. now they have been excluded from entering into parks. and then they have plots of land. but because the land is all divided they grow monoculture and cash crops. you cannot create all the different plants needed for survival on individual plots. the native healers would go to various villages to collect herbs and plants to keep people healthy. now they cannot. and because of these high value plants, now wildlife is coming and 'raiding' these super rich areas. in the book they are referred to as 'candy stores'.

i would say even most rural towns are like those candy stores.

they talk about how this all rests on people needing to be cooperative, sharing, and non-materialism. television and advertising emphasize the opposite. he talks about how a haircut costs 10 cents. but everyone has all their needs met. whereas in america people have to overcharge because of the costs of everything.

seems like without slavery lots of this stuff would not be possible.

What are components of a good lifestyle?

What are the components of a good lifestyle?
The basic component is:

The types of health are:

Mental health

"All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” - Blaise Pascal

Happy with yourself.
At peace.

There are a lot of realizations that need to take place here.
Focusing on your locus of control. Information diet.
The problem with advice is the context. Some people need one side of it and some people need the other. Some people need to forgive themselves, some people need to grow up and take responsibility for themselves.
The middle way.

Physical health

Almost easier.

Diet and exercise and sleep.

Some people focus on one and not the other. If you are going to focus on one, focus on exercise. Most people are too sedentary. You have no chance at getting fit with the current lifestyle. I have tried living a basic lifestyle and it is terrible. Humans are meant to move.

Exercise also gives you social interaction, endorphins, and builds skills.

Diet is basic. Ideally mostly bitter leafy greens and meat. If your culture includes rice, then eat rice.

Sleep. Do you have sleep apnea? Get rid of your devices. Exercise enough so you can actually fall asleep. Write things out so that you can process what is in your mind.


Really this should be social.

Being social is a skill. All skills can be improved.

Being part of a community. Help people without asking for anything in return. Chat people up even if it seems weird sometimes. Be willing to put yourself out there. Connect with people on projects.

Give gifts.

Spend time and money on being with people.

Components of a good lifestyle

Money to keep the game going
Activities you like to do
People you like to do things with

Doing things with people that you like
Money to keep the game going

Doing things with people that you like
You happen upon sufficient money as a result

Flow states

We are all just looking for good ways to spend our time

The money question: the two sides are expenses and income.
Good expenses are in health, things that are necessary, things that grow. Poor expenses are in depreciating assets, things that are never used.

Income growth is the game of business. Business turns out to be a skill. This is one that I am figuring out. 'Everything is sales' means that sales is a component of everything. Usually a major component. People are at the core of a business. People that are good at business are usually well connected, hold attention, and have a great reputation. They have a vision, a plan, and they work the plan. Instead of planning, they do. Then they, do and do some more. Growing income is providing at scale something the market needs, but does not have. Providing so much real value out there, that people are going out of their way to give you money. So you can continue doing it.

Goals for blogging

1. If you want something to serve yourself, make it great at serving yourself.

Make it fast and easy for you to read.

2. If you want to make money, make it something that can make money. But that is a different goal.

The weird thing about making money is that by focusing on making money, sometimes, you end up not making as much money as you could have. For example, Tim Ferriss talks about people monetizing podcasts too early. They're happy to take a few hundred dollars or even a few thousand dollars and episode. If they had waited to monetize the podcast, they could make an entire year worth in one episode. Gary Vaynerchuck talks about that too. His goal being to never cash in all the good he puts out in the world.

Provide value tends to be a big theme here.

3. If you want to use it to connect to people, use it to connect to people.

There is a joy in connecting with new people.

Can you have 'enough' people?

But there is also a point where you 'have enough' people?

What is the main goal here?

Popularity and being famous is not a great goal.

  1. Why? Society is fickle, things can quickly change.
  2. You can only have so much in your life. You can only wear so many jackets at the same time. You can only enjoy real relationships with so many people at the same time.

What are the components of a good lifestyle?

Freedom of time
Freedom of activity

Cruise ship as an ideal set up?

You can walk up to get food at any hour of the night or day

Small rooms, but lots of amenities

Lots of entertainment

The thing is, like, do you want to live in a real community?

Men minimalist outfits for travel

What to wear?

casual clothes?

right now athletic clothes are having a moment
nice sweatpants and a hoodie
black hoodie and grey sweatpants

or the cool blue sweatshirt

another outfit?
trainers or boots

another outfit?
longsleeve shirt

Find a video game you like to play

Make money doing it

Or don't

What you really need in life?
A great lifestyle

Put something away for the storms

But you cannot predict everything. Not everything is under your control.

In fact, few things are.

Money in the bank ? recurring expenses and spending a lot at a bar.

People want entertainment

Real information is really important

But really, even if it is information, and one person can do it with more entertainment, then the entertainment wins.

Make money to pursue your hobbies

Why your hobbies?

They might be closer to your ideal lifestyle.

Why not your hobbies?

That might not be your whole life.

There might be an idea of escapism that is unnecessary.

That is, maybe you figure out that you can puruse your hobby and lifestyle just as much now.

That would be nice.

Four exercises for bjj

Overhead press
Pull ups - people have said these in particular really have translated into an increase in BJJ

Everything else:
work capacity - 45 min HIIT workout

When in doubt, throw it out

Get rid of stuff.

Get rid of weight.

Get rid of excess.

In the stuff that you carry around.

Towards the lightweight, towards the minimal, towards the clean.

Those are the thoughts when you have abundance and you want to value freedom and ability to move.

Towards the redundant, towards the reliable, towards the heavy.

Those are the values when you have lack of ability to replace.

Long live wu wei

Productivity is toxic

The things that are good to do:
be a good person
laugh with friends and loved ones
creative expression
aiding people in need
physical movement

They are easier to do when:
you are well rested
you are appropriately nourished
you are having mental perspective
you have plenty of sustainable income

What do you spend money on:
experiences with loved ones
essential, high quality tools

What you avoid spending money on:
recurring expenses
unused items

Good day

eat when and if you are hungry

the basic things?

go on a walk in the sun in the morning
no sunglasses
it should be a short walk

workout weightlifting

eat when hungry


do laundry

wash dishes

clean the house


To do list styles autofocus is great

The most important part of this to do list style is that it forces you to consider whether to keep tasks.

The next best part is that it allows you to work partially on the task, but ikeep it moving forward.



using ## headers as month and year looks like it works well

then there is a today and you move everything up into that one

/ ## follow up
/ ## someday maybe
/ ## private
/ ## work

also a nice, really nice thing is to use a notebook
and write by hand
and process by hand

and the other thing, is to make sure that you use the autofocus system

it is important to clear out or let tasks be cleared out automagically

and if you have goals, then keep writing them out, not just typing them

and especially not just reading them


make a list
put a line at the bottom

when you are going to work, read through the whole list with no intention of doing them

then read through again and when something jumps out at you to do, then work on it

work on it only as long as you like working on it
can use pomodoro

if it is done, then cross it off
if it is not done, then cross it off and write it again at the bottom of the list

you can combine numbering by having things written out




Pitfalls of tracking workouts

The thing about tracking and having a plan
Or even looking through the workouts you have done

Is that when you get there, you lift what you want to lift.

You work on what you want to work on.

The key is keeping the thing going. Rather than trying and 'failing' or 'achieving' the lift, keep lifting.

The lift is the lift.

The prize is the lifting.

The goal is to keep on lifting.

The weight is almost irrelevant.