obsessing over gear and buying a beginner camera

well, here i am again trying to write.

basically, i have a working knowledge of a lot of subjects, but no one really wants to read about basics. they oftentimes want to read from someone who has explored all the nuances and gone down the rabbit hole. i do that with products, but, i do not know how i can show that without actually writing it all out. i am hesitant to write it all out because…well…most of the stuff surrounding products are superfluous features and metrics that only complicate mature technologies.

one example is when i was buying a digital camera. i taught myself about different sensor sizes, calculating pixel density, the different ways that film and digital sensors respond to light, technology of digital sensors trying to approximate film, microcontrast, quality of glass, equivalent exposures, metering systems, and came up with a way to value legacy dslr crop sensor cameras vs the new technology m43 vs full frame sensors vs film. i even picked out lens and body combinations for each technology at various price points.

that was just technology. i did similar multi-month researching dives into art, composition, notable photographers, working with models, and how to tell a story.

was that a big waste of time?

well, it was an excessive and gratuitous use of time. the gear is the least important part, so for that segment in particular, it would have been helpful to have someone with my intellectual idiocy go through the gear and then just tell me these things:

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a real system

my productivity system
do something everyday. when you start something, do it everyday. like literally everyday. if you want to take on a new habit, a new project, a new endeavor, do it everyday. that is actually easier when starting out.


when you are starting out, the hardest part is not the act of doing something (that can be fun). the hardest part is getting to do something.

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running sandals for wide feet? luna mono gordo review

i just ordered a pair of luna mono gordo running sandals. they are about 15mm plus 4mm lugs…meaning the stack is about 19mm total. the stack is the distance from the bottom of the sandal to top of the sole. it is the distance your foot is off the ground…maybe i should go into some of these terms.

the notable things about this sandal are:
according to some people on reddit luna sandals are good for people with actually wide feet.

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