Solve problems you actually have: a bike light and a rack

Solve problems that you actually have.

I have been riding and commuting for a few years now. I guess commuting for at least 9 years. Seven of those years exclusively with public transit and bike. I have been thinking it would be nice to have things be more comfortable while commuting.

For some reason, I started looking at cool new bikes that were said to let me do new things. Better for speed, riding on gravel, lighter, newer components. A new mountain bike in case I took up mountain biking.

In actuality, though, the things I complained about were that I had a backpack that would get heavy and bulky on my back, and at night, well it was hard to see. I would benefit most would be a bike rack, and a new set of handlebar lights. I can find those for much cheaper than a new bike.

Forget the hype, use your bike.