a beautiful relationship: customers and sellers

Sellers, ideally, are people. And they anticipate your needs, fulfill your needs, and do it in a way that meets the requirements so the relationship can continue (provide value, make money).

Customers wants something, and then deciding how to get that thing. Sometimes customers know what they want, and sometimes they do not.

Buyers are basically trained in knowing the market (sellers and customers).

They should know fundamentals and technicals of products.

Further Insight

Some people actually do buy just for the emotion of being in a beautiful store environment, surrounded by nice and doting people. That is great. There is nothing wrong with that. And if you can provide that, by all means do it. The connection though, requires time and attention, and therefore more cost. If you try to do that without factoring in a price that works, then you end up not being able to sustain business.

Additionally, some people do not want the above experience, but actually want the opposite: withholding and judgemental people.

If you are buying to sell, you include 'sellability' in the mind of what you are buying.

Ideally, when you are selling, you connect with people that are good customers.

When it all aligns, good customers and good sellers, my that can be a really emotionally engaging and beautiful relationship for everyone involved. There is a reason that friendships can spawn and go for years to come.