Workout for more energy and productivity

Motion creates motion. Three months into my job, I was understaffed, overworked, and working on one of the biggest outbreaks we had seen in recent years. Furthermore, this was literally not the job I signed up for...I was supposed to be running a large project, and backing up a primary I was the primary expert and had no staff and was still running the large project.

I should have asked for help...continuously...instead I pushed through it. It would have been good to have some self-awareness on what I needed to recharge. But I just pushed through it. A lot in the rest of my life suffered.

The one lifeline I had, I hung on to with all I could, and it was going to the gym twice a week. The days I went, were like magic. The days I didn't meant the rest of the week I was a stress zombie.

Get busy. It is not a complete solution, but it sure does help.

How to Implement:
Stick to a workout schedule - requires a system, most effective long term
Join a fun recreational sports team - costs money, but you're going to spend money on something, and your health is good
Go on a walk - you can pretty much do this anytime, including when it is cold and rainy out
Go on a run - see above...I live in the frigid state of Minnesota, so sometimes I go inside and run on a treadmill
Go on a bike ride - I do this even in the frigid temperatures of Minnesota, mainly because I can have good traction
Do pushups right now
Do a sit up

Do a sit up.

The hardest part of creating motion is getting up and actually doing something in your mind. Your body can definitely do it, your body wants to do it, it is in your mind that you are stuck. And I agree that there are sometimes chemical dependencies or reasons, and I am still saying to lay down on the ground and do a sit up. Then do another one. And another one. Then do some pushups.

Then you might do some jumping jacks. Burpees. How many? Just spend 30 minutes doing them, tomorrow you can research your favorite optimal workout. How about today, you just do it>

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