The target isn’t the market

Who you portray in marketing isn't the only demo that buys your product.

By marketing to a segment, you can end up marketing universally.

Apple markets to everyone, including 50 year old women.

All their ads are 20 year old people dancing.

Everyone is after feeling healthy and vibrant.

"Who you portray in your marketing isn't necessarily the ohnly demographic who buys your product-- it's often the demogrpahic that most peopel want to iodentify with or beliong to.

The target isn't the market."

It is possible to niche market and mass sell.

Paraphrased example from Tim Ferriss -- all words his.

Makes me think of exclusive brands 'for' attractive, wealthy, traveling people, but they're sold in outlets and bought by sub urban soccer moms.

Or knives for outdoorsy, adventurous people, but they don't do those things either.