What does Gary Vaynerchuck spend money on? Nothing, experiences, my own businesses / myself because I am a good operator.

Takeaway: Happiness is the ROI.

What do you (Gary Vee) spend money on? I am asking because I want to figure out good ways to spend and use my money.

What I mean is, how to use money as a tool for the good life. There are a lot of my friends that have money, way more money than myself, and they say well at some point it is just numbers going up in the bank account. It is like quarantine right now, sure Netflix is fun, but when you have 3 weeks of Netflix as your only entertainment, you start to look for something else. To me Netflix is mindless relaxation (which you need), but it is not something I actively enjoy.

The only word I can think of is substantive, you know, something that means something. I want an activity that means something, that I like to do, that I could even organize my life around.

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