almanzo gear list – what to bring

When I first started backpacking, I tried reading all the different blogs and websites, and what really helped was asking people online about their experiences. I would message people who had hiked before me and ask about their gear.

Reading distilled philosophies of people who had hiked from Canada to Mexico, built their own tents, or had been hiking for 20+ years, was a big game changer for me. As I applied those lightweight philosophies, my gear list changed and I started to understand I valued. Values are the core importance.

The problem is, I do not have an idea of what to bring on a gravel race. Or a bike race in general. When I run, I just bring, well, I might bring a layer. I might bring a buff or vv (very very) rarely gloves (if it is like below 25F). But adding a bike...I mean there's a bunch of other stuff.

Does this look right to you?
(P.S. I'll update the list as my strategy develops)

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