journal sailing real metaphors

yesterday, we were standing around a sailboat laid in the grass as our instructor explained how to put the boat together. a little girl saw the boat, walked over super excited and just jumped in.

it was a lot of fun to do.

sailing is one of those things that fits my current exploration of various metaphors that people use. you know, like when people say ___ and ___ is like running a marathon, or is a marathon. so i started to think, what does it actually mean to run a marathon? i understand that colloquially it means that something takes a long time, but visiting the "source material" could be valuable. could it mean something else? why is that something people latched on to?

there is something like that for boxing...roll with the punches, stay in the fight, etc. like a boxing match.

there is also something like that with take a hike, it is a long climb. i'm not a climber, but i imagine there are things in there too.

there is also it is a wrestling match. or wrestling with an idea. what is it like to actually wrestle? not like the 1 week makeover with a fight, but actually. i took boxing for about 4 years, i should train for amateur fights. i ran a marathon.

of course there are many metaphors we use like language from cooking, and they might just be an artifact of those being common things.

submission or submitting someone is another thing. choking too.

i guess i am looking for a metaphor or an activity, something with the truth, something with the way. there is also encountering something real. like healthy and real. my goal is to live well, being a good person, positively impacting my friends and family.