Life Metaphors: Business

Wrapped up in business is a secret for how to live life in relation to other people.

In giving, providing value, giving people what they want, and what they need. Fulfilling a logical and an emotional need.

One time a girl asked me, if church or this religion is good, then why do they do bad things? People are imperfect, I said. And the system is what was created to spread and sustain a message. There are negative externalities.

For example, consider food.

Church is like the farm and equipment and to transport the food, you need trucks, and the highways they have to drive on, and the safety regulations, and the accidents, and malice, and the people involved therein.

Alternatively, walk through a jungle, smell fragrance, crushed pulp and soil, see a flash of bright color, and feel skin, firm and taste the sweetness.

They are both ways to get fruit.