future clothes and other low packing tips

here's an unusual move for me. i packed without using a packlist. unusual because i used to just pack and it was bad. then i got into a mode where i really thought about it and then tried to go really low. so low that i even had less clothes than i thought just because i expected to buy clothes while on vacation.

tips to get your clothing way low:
wash every night
wear wool
one pair of pants
one pair of shorts
one pair of shoes
wear mostly flip flops intead of shoes because now you need less socks

tips i have used to get my clothing low:
account for shopping - before a trip i make a minimal packing list. usually this consists of something like outlined here. on trips where i am expecting to purchase clothes, i work those 'future' clothes into the packing list. some common purchases are things like before i had nice boardshorts, i wanted to buy some while we were in hawaii. when we went to europe, i purchased a linen shirt. when we went to the philippines, i knew i would purchase a few t shirts.

wear mostly flip flops - when it works, it works. on casual trips to warm places that have casual dress code, flip flops are great. they pack down small and don't require socks. not needing socks means you can bring fewer pairs, or just go longer between wearing pairs.

universal wear - instead of bringing dress socks and athletic socks, bring one pair of wool socks that can do both? i don't know. i think this does not work that well.

make a packing list - the most basic tip, but you will see it is so important it is worth expressing. additionally, there is value in only packing for 3-4 days regardless of whether the trip length is longer. just do laundry. taking 2 actual weeks of clothes with you means that, well, by the end you are transporting mostly dirty clothes? easier to pack 3-4 days worth of clothes and do laundry twice. some clothes can be worn without washing in between, jeans for example.