packlist: new orleans. 3 nights, 4 days. temps 65/50. formal lunch. casual. walking.

packlist for a new orleans trip eating at commanders palace and one bag


when going to new orleans, bring two types of clothes

  • clothes that can get dirty, that means primarily jeans and t shirts and sweatshirts or light longsleeves for outerwear
  • dining clothes - you bring a dark jacket, light pants, and a dress shirt for formal dining, with a v neck undershirt, and leather shoes

general description

3 nights, 4 days. temps 65/50. mainly walking around


t shirts - 3 black or solid color -> one black as an undershirt, would be good to use a v neck, the other two colored would be nice
long sleeve - given the temperatures, an ocbd
dress shirt - 1 long sleeve, only for commanders palace or fancy dinner reservations...ocbd would be okay, but defintely a dress shirt is the way to go, ideally in something like just white or dark color for a conservative, i brought bright for fun
blazer - grey -> worked great
pants - dark blue -> worked great, get some from outlier or another brand, P had some and they looked great
jeans - dark blue -> wore these every, single, day. if the other pants were comfortable, i would have worn those
shoes - black slip on dress -> these worked great, even with some walking, need to get soles covered
shoes - nike black -> at first, was thinking they were bad, they were good, need to use thin socks though

underwear - 3 pairs -> fine, total of 3 with one being worn, use quick dry from that mens store
socks - 3 pairs dress -> skip bringing the workout socks, they dry slowly

shorts - 1 pair nogi style -> these were great and necessary for sleeping, the ones from middle school work great, they just do not look as nice

sweatshirt - patagonia, don't need puffy, true. it worked great. temp was 20s when we got back, and i mean, it was just going to the uber anyway. if i was by myself and waiting for the train, then it would be cold, but i had other stuff

base layer - top longsleeve if cold
base layer - bottom tights if cold or nogi

jacket - filson -> ended up not bringing a jacket, and instead wore the sports coat or the sweatshirt, given the temps, wore the sweatshirt everyday or the light ocbd

beanie - yes bring one
buff - grey or black or orange -> very important for the plane flight
gloves - grey thin

TURN OFF ALL DAILY ALARMS -> need to do this hard for companions to sleep

sunglasses - needed, very good to have
snacks -> brought a few bars, very good to have for plane ride

bags - 40L backpack and a 10L sling bag, worked great, this is my preferred setup. brought the sling bag as a day bag, and carried drinks in it.

dark jacket and tan pants might be a good look - try it out? in that case, would have to rethink the black shoes.

how not to suck at travel packing – simple pack list for warm weather

here is everything i know. so far. about traveling. we travel for fun, to mix up the inputs you are receiving in order to increase creativity. for intelligent people, novelty can be very engaging. without some sort of plan, however, sometimes you can end up doing the same things you would do in Anywhere, America. Need help on choosing a location to travel?

My traveling is focused on more active things like biking, running, swimming. And centered a lot on walking and eating. I do not do much shopping.


shirt - running 2
shirt - nice 2 (combination long or short sleeve)
pants - 1
shorts - 1 go with convertible swim trunks
socks - 2-3 more in winter, less in summer with slippers
underwear - 2-3 quick dry is nice

jacket - task jacket. options: thin softshell as a blanket on plane or in really air conditioned hotel or airbnb. in winter full insulation, but this is a summer list. rain jacket if wet.

flex layer - ex. sweatshirt, flannel, extra swim trunks. if there is some specific activity you may be doing a lot of...ex. maybe another pair of running shorts?

plane items -
buff - good as an eye cover, extra insulation, headband

accessories - chargers, etc.