Get over procrastination by everyday, improve one thing about your workplace

An environment optimized for your happy work and production can unlock big achievements, and comes by improving one thing a day.

I started with two days of doing two things.

My goal is just improvement everyday or often, a process of improvement. It does not have to be everyday. And it just has to be improvement, not even completely fixing a problem.

1. Made a stand for my phone

Today, i made a stand for my phone. i have been balancing my phone against a book and then trying to put something else heavy in front of it to get it to stand up so i can see it
on the couch, even this jerry-rigged solution does not work because the couch surface moves and bounces the phone and precarious sculpture out of balance.

i made a cell phone stand out of wood and four shingle nails. my environment is much better now, i mean, i can actually work and have the phone displayed. it was small problem and it is pretty much gone now, that is an improvement.

2. Got rid of cables.

nother day, i noticed the amount of time i spend putting power cables away or getting power cables out. i want to spend my day living life, not moving power cables. after rearranging plugs and putting in another power strip, the laptop and all relevant power are both plugged in all the time and organized and out of the way.

These two small improvements begin a huge improvement in environment.


I am curious, what if i did this everyday? Incrementally improving my environment. moving the tools closer to the work bench by a few feet. Getting rid of the 80% of cables i do not use, putting them into deeper storage, and only have a drawer with the most used cables, so searching is effortless? Cleaning up one surface a day.

Pretty soon, I would have an organized environment that was optimized for work.

Start unlocking major achievments.