The Cycle of Creative Production: Process


Striving for excellence.
Communicating your truth: what makes you happy or sad? What do you find exciting or frustrating?


A team. A support system. You need one, create one. Otherwise you end up doing drugs.

Marketing, which is another form of communication.
Selling, which is another form of communication.

Getting your things to people who want them.

And there are all the human aspects. Keep the human aspects in mind, because you want production over time, not a burst of production in your 20s and then nothing.

Decorate Your Laptop to Inspire and Reflect Connection to Your Tools

The problem with business laptops is that they do not inspire, they are visually dull, a consumer grade laptop has colors, a bright screen. built for consumption vs built for production.

What is the relationship between production and inspiration?

Production and inspiration, well you are missing another phase.


Between production and inspiration and production and inspiration is persistence.

Some people call it showing up.

Some people call it grit.

Persistence and experimentation.

That is probably the cycle.

So is it vanity to customize something?
having inspiration may come from a variety of sources, it may come from production, but you do not need to cut it off.

Have a tool be your own, through work, through creation, through persistence.

The way to decorate your laptop that is most accessible looks to be stickers. If not stickers, then get a vinyl cover, which is also a sticker and can be applied by someone with 30 minutes and an exacto knife. After application, before cutting, use a heatgun. If you do not have a heatgun, use a blow dryer. If you do not have a blow dryer, borrow one.

Pick a cover color that you like.

Add stickers that you like.

Make it yours.