two bags for everything

it starts with the story of someone talking about having to leave the country. someone with a life, a career, a family, a home. the cause could be a number of things, but assume it is something likely (*) and use your imagination on the next part:
what would you bring with you on the plane?

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a jacket instead of a backpack for EDC travel

When traveling, one issue I have is storing small items. A jacket is usually one of those things I might store. However, I could also think of using the jacket as a way of storing things. I have a small softshell which I use this way.

It seems like instead of getting a small briefcase for use while traveling, I could just get a light jacket that is appropriate to use during the warmer climates. A blazer could be stylish, go into the evening, and be put into use like a woman's pareho, or to cover up valuables like a camera.

If warm, could put it on the ground to sit on while on a picnic too. Then again, if it is warm enough for a picnic, maybe I'm not wearing a blazer, but a small backpack. Or I could go light linen blazer. I guess I have a concentration on keeping things light when traveling during the summer, but during the fall and winter, more of a focus on a jacket and being prepared for weather.

Beach day? Bring a cheap, cross-body bag, that's fine. Spend your time, money, and effort on getting good at volleyball, working out, or organizing a beach trip with friends...something that will actually improve your experience on the beach vacation.

Just a thought.