You want stuff and security more than you want to vagabond around

You want stuff and security more than you want to vagabond around.

What are the things I really need in life?

Well, I mean there are basics that have been covered with something like Maslow\'s Hierarchy of Needs. Food, Shelter, Water. Social Connection.

The things I have for hobbies are important too:

like sports equipment

Eating and functioning:

like transportation pots, pans, cutlery clothes

So what is all the stuff that is in the house right now?

  • Clothes - too many clothes
  • Sports equipment - too many hobby clothes.

Out backpacking, I am having lots of fun, feel good and all I have are the things on my back. Food, Shelter, Water. I am with people that I love. And we are out doing things that are fun and fulfilling. I know what to do each day. I am getting healthy.

So why not do that everyday? Save up enough money and just move around, plenty of people are doing it.

But. You need a job.

You cannot do that everyday*. What I think people mean is that there are restrictions, like making money, having money for food, safety, etc. True, but that is really a money problem more than an impossibility problem. If you had a ton of money, you could do it, right? You could do, well whatever you wanted, right?

*You are right, you cannot just vagabond around all the time. But you can do it for a segment of time, and you could do it while making money through other means [LINK].

Okay, if in some magical world, you could have enough money to vagabond around, then yes, you could. But. Who can do that?

Well, realize that if what you REALLY wanted was to move around, then you could figure out a way to make money, and have money skills [LINK], and do that. I have met people who do that*.

  • A doctor that works for a beach resort.
  • A doctor that works in an "expensive" country 3 months of the year, then lives in a "cheap" country the rest of the year.
  • Random person who did contract jobs online for US companies while living in Asia in a high rise.

*maybe I should interview them sometime.

Yeah, BUT. That looks like it sucks.

I do not think it does. However, you may be away from your family. It is, however, possible.

My main point is actually that I do not think most people want to vagabond around.

You place your own restrictions on things. I think that people value stuff and security and being where they live, more than the ability to travel all the time. I mean it is pretty clear given the choices people make.

If you want it so bad, work for it. Work and figure out the path.

So what?

Well I think I just want people to admit it. I just want myself to admit it. I value working for this job, now, more than I would just moving around the world and living day to day and bumping around.

On social media there are all kinds of people and accounts of people traveling the world and making money off their accounts. While it looks glamorous, I admit, it must be a lot of work too. And potentially the work may be difficult.

If I really do want to travel, but have a job, what do I do now?

Be happy you have a job. It can give you the chance to save up, to gain skills, to figure out what you want.

I need you to stay awake, though.

Keep gaining skills, keep lowering expenses, keep figuring out what you like, keep moving towards independence, figure out who you are, learn, read, travel, figure out how to rest, what makes you happy, joyful, what you need to be safe, how to be safe, how to be happy, how to be yourself.

That is it? Just be happy I have a job? That seems unsatisfying.

Yes, just settling is unsatisfying.

Make sure. You Stay. Awake.

So when the time comes to pursue what you are \'meant\' to do. You have been preparing, you have been working, and You are ready.

Any last tips?

By doing the work, you create the right time.