Stuff I Want: JiuJitsu Edition


Gracie Combatives - $151 - punch defense mostly
Gary Tonon Escapes - $149
Art Of Learning Jiu Jitsu MEGAPACK (All 3 volumes) + Bonus Nutrition Guide - $59
Fluid BJJ - Karel Pravec get used

Edit: Just go to class and work. Do not need these things. If it is boring and you are not learning much, go to advanced class. Write everything out.

Globetrotters Gi - white, travel gi, bjj, folds down and I can use it during travel. I have been to a few gyms and they have loaner gis, but it would be nicer to have my own in case they do not have a loaner. Additionally, it is potentially cleaner.
-> Still interested in this one. Size A2 probably.

Stuff I Want: Workout Gear Edition

Sandbag / duffle bag - I bought a canvas duffle bag, I can use it for swings, throwing on the ground, throwing in the air. A lot more stuff than weights. I could probably get 75 lbs worth of rice in there. Rice is about $0.50 if you get long grain, 0.60c for calrose. Basically $20-$30 for like 50 lbs of weight. I think mine was on sale and it was like $10 for a 25 lbs bag. A 10 lbs or 25 lbs medicine ball would cost much more and not be as adjustable. If I quit or get tired of it, I can eat the weight and use the canvas duffle just for travel. Look up sandbag training for workout ideas. -> Got it! Great for twisting workouts so far, very different carrying the weight.

Exercise bands - - 41 inch get three of different weights

Kettlebell Kings Kettlebell - These are considered either the best or in the top 2 quality of kettlebells available. So you typically pay a premium. During COVID you are paying even more of a premium. Compared to iron plates, you pay a premium for weight that comes in a kettlebell form. So like...typically kettlebells will cost $1.5 / lbs for even at a used place. $2 / lbs new is common. Whereas typically you can get new plates for $1 / lbs and typically $0.5 / lbs used. So for these at $3.5 / lbs is pretty reasonable.

Workout books and plans - there are a few books that I want, but I will just buy one to begin with and get the information I need from there.

In one book, there shoul dbe more than enough to start working out.

Stuff to Buy: Fixed Gear Bike Edition

hcw 17 - lock ring tool
park tools 18.2 NOT 12.2 - it is a chain whip for fixed gear bikes
giro trinity helmet
topeak joeblow or floor pump -> revised. get a silca floor pump, the original edition in red
brooks b17

rock and roll chain lube

metric hex wrench set long
frame saver spray
xtra lucas oil

Stuff to Buy: Travel

Listening to movies on the airplane - Either small wired earbuds with noise-cancelling or a 3.5mm audio jack to bluetooth. I have seen a cool device that does bluetooth. I am opting for the wired earbuds because of sheer dependability. Fear and love motivated. I flew from the US to Europe without any working earbuds, computer, keyboard, notebook, pen, book or other form of entertainment, once. It has not happened again. I love the simplicity of plugging in a jack and just listening. I think that bluetooth looks cool, seems cool when you think about it, but in actual use, the clicking it on, pairing, not pairing with devices you have, etc. it is cumbersome. Then there is charging. They do project and image of freedom, which is compelling.

Bluetooth is nice in the gym, when you are moving around, potentially in a home office situation where you are walking around.
At home office, at the desk, I like wired. I like a wired mouse, I like a wired keyboard. Lowest latency, no pairing, no charging.
For travel, wired is the way to go.
Shure SE215
Etymotics mk5


I have figured out so many other problems, that there is not much I would do.

Stuff to Buy: EDC Edition

Small flashlight - bright - zebralight maybe? fenix fd014 from REI when there is a 20% off coupon?
get the surefire titan plus - wait for a sale
use the little flashlights that you have
-> I got a small keychain flashlight rechargable, get a small AAA flashlight to double as a headlamp (thrunite ti3). a AA headlmap from thrunite might be nice as well

Small fixed blade knife - would be nice to have, but don't know about use -> I got a esee izula fixed. great to have at home. it is what i will bring backpacking as a backup to the small leatherman micra (scissors version) for canoe camping as well, or a small folder. i would get another one... that would be awesome

Lockpick set

Notebooks for planning or don't get fancy, and just use normal notebooks. -> the 9.5 inch x 5.5 inch mead notebooks are great, 150 pages, wire.

Sunglasses - buy somewhere warm while on vacation, polarized for sure, the ray ban polarized, ideally in brown
Pen - no need, use the normal ones -> you know the ones you like

Blazers and Books – What to Buy and What I Want | 001


Buy clothes that are functional and quality and fit the price for their bracket. There are a few varieties of clothes: staples, variety and statement pieces, highly functional clothes for specific uses, highly functional clothes for statement pieces. Coherence is important.

1. Summer blazer - Light. Wear it on vacation in Europe.

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