System: physical needs

I think it also comes from just having the physical needs figured out.
On Sunday, plan out the workouts for that week.
Push hard 3 days a week. Run everyday M-Sat. Sunday is a fun, recovery, or rest day.
Right now: boxing, martial arts, weight lifting. There is running or cardio everyday at lunch. I'll figure this out.
Diet is key
Sleep is key

How to get started in the productively in the morning?

Try reading in the morning
I have trouble getting to my first task in the morning. Here are things I consider wasted time: social media, reading outdoors articles, watching TV, even listening to the sacred podcast in the morning. It would be great if I my morning routine started me off and then just went straight into the things I tell myself I want to get done.

When I get to work, I'd like to start doing the things I said are important.

My working theory for the past few months has been to do whatever it is that my brain / body / system is asking for. What could those things be?

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a real system

my productivity system
do something everyday. when you start something, do it everyday. like literally everyday. if you want to take on a new habit, a new project, a new endeavor, do it everyday. that is actually easier when starting out.


when you are starting out, the hardest part is not the act of doing something (that can be fun). the hardest part is getting to do something.

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