Improvements to My Workspace in the Past Few Months, Experimenting with Kaizen

1. Charging cords where they are handy and organized
2. Drawers in the room cleared out so only the few things I use daily or at least weekly are there. Everything else upstairs in storage.
3. Moved the exercise bike so I do not bump into it when I back my chair up from the desk.
4. Moved the weights so they are accessible.
5. Cord management using free twist ties from bread packages, so the cords are cables are more organized and visually pleasing.
6. Removing books from the immediate shelf and placing other books upstairs in storage, donating, or loaning.
7. Built a small cell phone holder that fits all of the phones (unlike most which only fit specific phones or thicknesses) this one fits all phones, with and without a case on, with no adjustment. It is sturdy and large, so I can place it on a couch, carpet, or unstable surface and it will not tip over. No adjustment so easy to use. Cut out so that I can see and interact with the entire screen, very important when watching shows, adjusting volume, or dealing with notifications.
8. Through the organizing, I have found a few gadgets that I had forgotten about. One was a very thin and small cell phone holder, which actually is a great way to keep the laptop off the desk and thereby increases airflow.
9. The door to the restroom did not open fully because of the vaccuum we stored behind it. Not opening fully made it a squeeze somewhat to enter and exit. Just enough to be noticable, but not really annoying enough to do anything immediate about it. I found a new stand for the vaccuum that is much narrower, but still fits the base (it is a soap container). Good to have that in the bathroom anyway, behind the door so not visible, and now the door opens much wider. Entrance is effortless.
10. Having a space, one crate, that contains stuff that is waiting to be moved somewhere else. When I had a document that I needed to bring to work, or a piece of mail which needed to be looked at, but not immediately, but sometime, I would put it on the floor near the door. That way, I would see it, and be reminded of it. But that was not very organized and it added to the clutter, and I ended up seeing it and processing it mentally, when I could not do anything about it. There is one crate that serves this function now. It is green, and has holes on the side, and I bought it at Target to put on my bicycle, but did not ever need it.
11. Clothes crate. I bike often. During the summer, it is easy to put whatever on, but during the winter, there are specific things that I put on and they are all over the house (gloves in the gloves bin in the closet, face cover with the scarves, jacket hanging in the closet, base layers in the sports clothing drawer, helmet in the garage, tools in the garage, goggles that i rarely use upstairs with the ski equipment). However, gathering those things to put on and putting them away each day was something I did, but did not realize, is a drain on time and mental resources. I put everything I could need into one bin in the corner of the room. It is tucked away, somewhat, but it is very useful. Now when I want to bike, I just walk over to the bin, and I can put on any clothes I need for whatever temperature (-20F to +100F), helmet, and carry the specific the tools, lights, and locks I might need for the specific trip, all there in one bin. Fabulous. Seriously fantastic. An absolute game changer. It is a game changer for me because it is something I did so often, required thinking each time, and because it was kind of a rush, I would waste time back tracking if I forgot something in some place. Now, wow, it is just like, all right there where I need it, when I need it. It is the difference between cooking with all your pans and knives in the kitchen in specific areas compared to scattered all over your house in various boxes.
12. Computer gaming. My desktop was getting hot while playing video games, so, well, I adjusted. I took off every piece of metal I could to increase airflow in the proper places, and adjusted the cable routing so that it was more open. I got 10C lower temps at idle and under load from those changes. After looking at it, I realized that the fans did not seem to be spinning up really fast, and by feeling the heat transfer, the air was cool above the graphics card, but the card itself was really hot. I found that I could tune the fan speed profiles, and wow, now I am getting 20C lower on idle, and 15C lower on load...and maintaining it.

Writing Environment in 2020 | Productivity Show

The environment I like to write in in 2020.

TL; DR : Music with a beat, a timer, plain text editor, notebook, closed door, and a desk in the fucking corner of the room.

It is nice to have light, but I have tried it, and face that desk in a fucking corner...There is too much going on out there. Squirrels, rabbits, cardinals, once I saw a turkey in the lot behind the house, so I ran upstairs and got my turkey call...In short, put the desk in a fucking corner.

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