the 10×10 workout at home

Simple workouts you can do at home

Quarantine has cut me off from the gym. Randomly doing pushups and situps can only go so far. I like doing workouts that seem mindless and meditative; something where I am in my body and marveling at it working.

For example, have you ever tried sprinting? You feel like throwing up.

But, on a sunny afternoon two days ago, I experienced a sublime feeling that comes when you are performing at peak output. Fully warmed up, everything just clicking, legs pumping, and my body just buzzing around a track. I've had this feeling deadlifting for reps; your whole body moving in unison. Another time, fists flying against a heavy bag, music at the gym blaring.

And in the concrete box, my boxing coach recommeded to me a simple exercise routine. He called it the 10x10.

the 10x10

Put an interval timer on for 1 min. In that minute do ten reps. The rest of the minute you get rest. Repeat 10 times.

The beauty of the workout is the simplicity. Pick one exercise and do it. Simple. Count to 10. Wait for the timer to go. That's it.

You can put on a TV show, or music, and you do not have to worry about not doing the right thing.

That said, people want to complicate it. Your rep should be a compound movement - something like a deadlift, squat with weight, or a The weight should be substantial, enough to get you to 80%.

Ideally, this workout does both cardio and physical.

what gear do i need to start?

you can do as much or as little as you want.

ex. all of these can work similar muscle groups, but with varying amounts of gear investment.
do burpees. put a bag of rice in a backpack and do squats with that. hold a dumbbell. use a bar and weights. get a full home gym setup =)

when do you do it?

these are quick workouts. if you have specific goals, buy more gear, but bodyweight workouts and dumbbells can get a lot done.

great example workouts

for more structure:

  • simple and sinister by pavel and one kettle bell (he recommends a 35lbs for men, 25 lbs is also good for form etc. or just starting out). this a simple (boring in a good way) workout that works great.
  • body weight workout - there is a PDF of fantastic progression for a variety of body weight things...think calesthenics


Whatever it is, it is important to move your body once a day. Strenuously.

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