two bags for everything

it starts with the story of someone talking about having to leave the country. someone with a life, a career, a family, a home. the cause could be a number of things, but assume it is something likely (*) and use your imagination on the next part:
what would you bring with you on the plane?
you're obviously of some means, after all, you can afford a plane ticket out of here. but assume the things you have with you are the main material things you can bring.

I could make a list, but the key idea is:
what is the size of the material part of your life? Is it such a big part of your life, that your life crumbles? Or is the material part of your large and luxurious life small enough, that you can leave with your life mainly intact?

What remains? Knowledge, skills, family, love, friends, connections, expertise. Whether you call it membership in a club, or popularity, what it is is also the ability to ask and have things done. Which you get from a number of ways. Is there someone that can take you in, safely? The skills to make friends? The mental fortitude? The support system?

I think we get distracted. Strong marketing draws us to purchasing material signifiers of non-physical elements.

(*) - tropical storm destroyed the house, assume things are going to be looted when you return. political strife. massive natural disaster. a huge power outage during a deep winter. riot after a major sporting event (much more common than after a political event).

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