Unraveling the ghost series, Why we want gear: I want a brass pen – imagined review

Why do I want a brass pen?
The past few days I found myself searching for certain objects:

  • brass pen
  • a nice sport coat

What do these pieces of gear mean?

Well, they are obviously, for me, signs of the "good life." Totems as it were.

But the key question to ask yourself, is what are you trying to get or experience?

What are good reasons to get things?
if you need them for work to earn money
if they inspire you
if they help you deepen relationships with family and friends

Access your imagination

Imagine you have that pen, for example. What is it that you are?

You pick up that pen, you are traveling through airport security, on your way to a luxurious wrist watch conference in Europe.

Weird dream or image, but okay.

So the thing that the pen, really represents, is that you are a writer, an ostensibly published writer, someone that is being paid for their writing skill and experience.

So by buying the pen, you can stare at the pen, hold it in your hand, feel the heft, the seriousness, and feel that sense of accomplishment.

What do you do with that image?
Connect it to reality. The image is a dream. So when you publish your first article. Your first paid article. Well, then have a brass embassy pen.

Now you have created something to comemorate it with.

2020 04 07 - by 2021 04 07 I will have my first published paid for article. That could take a number of forms, and I have interim steps to go for, but that could be it.

Weight is a sense of accomplishment.

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