Is clothing something ‘worth it’ to spend money on?

What are those things?
I could go for experiences.
I could go for time back
I could go for experiences with friends.
I could go for health.

I think one thing I have shied away from, but realize does really impact things is clothing.

Clothing really does affect how people react to you and how they treat you. Especially as a brown person. Unless you are in a country where being a brown person is okay. Then clothing still makes a difference, but you are more likely to be judged by

What does it mean to dress well?

You need to learn clothing, how to style, how to dress, what is quality, what brands, colors, body type.

I will likely end up spending money.

But a lot of it is skill.

You see this on TV shows. You see it in people. There are people with basic looking clothes that just look absolutely fantastic.

You might say that, well, maybe they are expensive basic clothes.

Maybe they are, but they are the correct expensive clothes for that person and situation.

On the other hand, you have seen someone dress poorly and wearing lots of expensive clothes.

Doesn't physique matter more?

Physique, attitude, education, a smile, clean teeth, good breath, good hair. All these things matter.

Absolutely they matter in terms of attraction.

Physique definintely matters as well.

If you are looking at attraction, I guess you could be fat and be attractively clothed. Of course.

But in terms of health, obviously being healthy is more important than dressing well.

However, it still stands that clothing makes a difference.

What is worth spending money on?

A casual blazer for summer.

Casual nice clothing.


Everything else, get basic styling.

Instead of spending $4k on another watch, I could spend $2000 and put together a fantastic wardrobe, that I wear regularly. I am not looking to put together clothing that I wear once in a while.

Pants. Work pants that are comfortable.

Chinos that I like wearing.

Shorts, and cloth shorts, well, they are not comfortable for working. They are for lounging. They are for hanging out on beach. They are not for traipsing around on the world stage.

How do you learn that stuff?

Do I spend $1000 to figure that out quickly? Via some on-line course?

Or do I put in a lot of time to figure it out myself?

Do I outsource it by finding a really good sales person or store?

Pretty much have friends who know what they are doing.

They can help.

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